The Humanity Healing Network is a Healing Project with no denomination.

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The Humanity Healing Network is a Healing Project with no denomination.

We are and we embrace people from different backgrounds and all walks of life.

We recognize the necessity of maintaining the integrity and dignity of Human Life in every stage of its existence: from the beginning until the end.

Humanity Healing was started to combine Healing with Spiritual growth to offer a more complete healing to those in need. We believe that true Lightworking consists of service to others. We believe that we are all connected and that by helping another, we help ourselves. This is especially true in the areas of Healing and Spiritual growth.

Globally, there are many people and regions in crisis. The principles of Altruism and the Brotherhood of Man have declined in importance as individuals, nations and religions focus on the differences between each other instead of the similarities within our shared Humanity.

We believe that with Compassion, Education and Volunteerism through Spiritual Activism, this can be changed. Each individual can make a Commitment to reach out. Each individual can make a Commitment to work towards the Common Good. As individuals, our personal contributions may be small, but when United in Common Cause, we can Change the World.

Our goal is to find sustainable solutions for some of the challenges facing our world by bringing together a community of like-minded individuals.

* Meet and share your direct experiences on the Spiritual path

* Help others to heal and grow

* Exchange views and information that will help you on the journey

* Ask questions

* Offer inspiration

* Support one another in the expansion of consciousness in the world

“You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Humanity Healing Integration (General Guidelines)

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