The Quantum Cosmic Attunement 3 New Light Codes (Noõs Mag Open Puvlications)

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The Quantum Cosmic Attunement 3

New Light Codes

If you have felt that you are in a ‘waiting mode’, disconnected or removed from life, or that you have had a setback, you can take a relaxing breath because with the activation of the New LIGHT CODES via this Attunement, your personal life will never be the same again! The New Cosmic Energies will begin to stream through you, like through the ‘stargate’ from the supreme dimensions of divine-cosmic realities, activating new ‘pathways’ for your life experience on Earth. It's going to be 'subtle' but if you get quiet in your mind and tune in, you'll sense a breeze of new purifying waves from the Quantum Ocean of Light. If you can't connect to it right now, just imagine how this Luminous Ocean of Crystalline Light invites you to play on its waves, like you often did when you were a child and had a vacation on the ocean shore somewhere in the tropical zone of our planet. Enjoy the touch with this purifying energy, wash yourself gently and moisturize with the floating foam of divine presence…(The Gaia Spirit - Spirit of Earth, wants to take you on a little voyãge into her sacred sites and dimensions…)

New Ark of Light

New Ark of Light

 With these new Light Codes, we are in the process of spiritual ‘ascending’ into more extended ‘dimension’ for life experience, leading us to more enlightened existence…

This newest over-lighting attunement of cosmic order will initiate

the consciousness we need to be asleep no more. It's not just the world

economic system, now knee-deep in ‘crisis’. It's virtually every sector of the

‘old paradigm’ society that was raised in ‘left-hemisphere thinking’,

which is associated with linear and analytical skills, but doesn’t have

‘enough’ to attune into higher spiritual dimensions of cosmic harmony

with natural eco-systems of the Planet and the Spirit of Gaia.

This ‘attunement’ is possible only when two hemispheres of the brain

are totally activated and harmonized via Spiritual Practices and

Living Ethics!


In your personal reality it will support the creative thinking and action ‘outside the box’ that is necessary for the Soul to easily traverse its earthly journey. How ready do you feel for the big changes about to occur? Can you keep up your enthusiasm for positive change as you envision what's ahead? Do you feel prepared to take on the challenges that are sure to come? Are you willing to go deeper into yourself to access the more stable sense of empowerment you will need to navigate the unpaved road ahead? Will you be able to step back from the world's ‘fear-based messages’ often enough to stay centered?

 To be ‘enmeshed’ in such a gigantic shifting process can take its toll. You will feel impacted on a number of levels. The obvious includes your outer conditions - your home, work, finances, relationships, health, etc. Other key elements involved are your emotional and energetic stability (that is in priority!!!). These will determine the meaning you place on current events. During this ‘attunement’ you will come to a deeper understanding of the Great Cosmic Laws and Principles and will start to see more of ‘invisible links’ between The Cause and the Effect in your personal life and on Global Stage as well…

The upcoming changes via these ‘light codes of activation’ are a ‘turning point’; a time of correction for it is the start of several years of reconfiguration. Ultimately, humanity is standing at an opportunity to experience realization and revelation through the extreme events of the "cause and effect" that we are witnessing. And we need to be prepared for this and well protected on the inner plane. The first transformation is all about to become stronger in Spirit and self-sustained, which is the part of ‘stress-free attunement’…Yes, it is true, we can’t become completely stress-free people in this challenging time for humanity, but we can build 'the strong brain-muscles' to resist ‘stressful environment’…Our strongest protection on inner plane is our own Self-Sustained and Connected Mind with All That Is (The Universal Life Force Energy)…

It is truly, up to our choice! We can choose to be illumined in ‘heavenly light’ of our own Soul and be the revealer of truth, or descend into the obsessions of the loss of personal control and destruction. We are standing on the threshold an entirely new reality and you will be best served if you remember your supreme role here. That means letting go and protect yourself via mind-attunement from all fear-based human conditioning that tells you some outside force has influence over you.

It's that human conditioning that tells you that you are flawed, need to be under constant control, and are simply lacking in what it takes to succeed this lifetime. Today is the day to remember that you are a Divine Element of Nature and an ‘integral part’ of the Divine One Within (DOW) – Your True Higher Self. The key changes come about because of the ‘upgrades’ in consciousness which operates our reality…(it is similar to the process of updating your computer system from one level into a higher one, with more options pre-installed and already integrated for you)… As you integrate these ‘light codes’ of spiritual attunement and wisdom frequencies and then interact with others and society, there is a domino effect…)))

 Beneath all the layers of your human form you are the pinnacle of Spiritual integrity and if you can remember that even when witnessing the extreme cycles within the landscape of global events on a big stage, then you'll bring healing and rehabilitation to your deep inner self and will help to build deep inner peace and balance for many people with whom you interact on your inner plane. Because, on the higher level of consciousness we are all interconnected through the spiritual net of the universe!

Nowadays we anchor the foundation of a new golden era for the planet. This was the first solid reconnection with "the soul" for each individual on our planet since the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. It seemed that almost weekly we were receiving energy in the form of ‘light codes’ (spiritual rejuvenating frequencies) that had been dormant for ten to fifteen thousand years! How many times do you think you incarnated during that time?...)))

 No wonder we are ready for a ‘galactic-vation’ (new visions, new technologies, new opportunities for the great ‘Green Living’ on Earth…) The Spirit of Gaia is welcoming now all ‘starseeds’ (illuminated souls), who came on this adventures plane of existence to help humanity in this transition!

…Aren't we the most pure level of cosmic crystal consciousness of unity and divine prosperity?)))- Of course we are - and that is why we are the current vehicles of transformation and are being given lots of energetic responsibility at this time. We are the lucky ones that get to have the physical bodies to transmit and breathe the Living ‘Substance’ of Luminous Quantum Energy (instant quantum healing) from our higher heart centers out into the world of form.

 And speaking of bodies and physical form, there are consequences to endure at our most dense energetic level as activation after activation continue…

The body is now the ‘official portal’ for transmissions of Universal Quantum Healing Energies from the Central Source of Light (the Galaxy center and beyond) downstream to the Earth (into our ‘3D Reality’). Although, the Earth (Mother Gaia) is not just a 3D ‘platform for living’ – it is a multidimensional Cosmic Essence, who lives on the fields of the living universe…(in realities of multiversum)…

The most important new interdimensional gateway center in our bodies is our Heart! So, take care of Your hearts, Dear Friends! This interdimensional gateway must be very well protected through Your Own Powerful Consciousness and Spirit (electro-magnetic field of luminous vibrations around your body).

Through the very Special Spiritual Techniques, like Meditations on Delta Waves, Quantum Healing Affirmations, QiGong Spiritual Practice and Lightpraying, you can always empower your ‘energy-field-protection’ System!!! Our physical bodies have undergone tremendous levels of density dropping and detoxification in every shape and form imaginable in order to ‘handle’ the frequencies that will carry us today in the linear timelines to fulfill our Mission in this ‘3D Reality’, by helping people to achieve the best version of themselves and make a New Quantum Leap into 5D+ Harmonious Existence! It is the dimension of ‘the New Earth and the New Heavens’, decoded as Partnership between Human Civilization and the Spirit of GAIA (Her Sacred Sites and Eco-Systems)…

To navigate your days with optimal health and personal well-being, it is essential that you take much better care of your body. You must be grounded and stable, clear and fully present physically to completely anchor the new "settings".

Imagine Yourself as a Very Stable Pyramid AST (Ancient Egyptian Complex), would be great even to construct a special antenna in the form of pyramid, which you can use during your meditation sessions, putting right on your head, (like a hat), it will support you greatly for self-balancing and deep rooted stabilization of all your energy-systems!!! The switchwords (attunements) for this session: I AM STABLE AND GROUNDED LIKE THE PYRAMID AST!!! (AST – it is the Ancient Egyptian Name of the Central Pyramid) …

Another option for this stabilizing session: use your own hands!!! Just create a form of Pyramid over Your Head and repeat these Attunements many times, until the full deep feeling of total Harmonization and Stabilization of All Your Energy-Systems!!! (According to Ancient Manuscripts, The Pyramidal Complex in Giza is a ‘Stabilizing System’ for All Our Planet and Her Enérgo-Informational Grid, connecting us directly to the energy-portal of Orion Constellation, built by our ancient starry ancestors…)

Our physical ‘skeletal system’ is the body's ‘support structure’ and our spine functions as an antenna, receiving information from the cosmos and energetic world around you. Having deep connection and ‘friendship’ with your own body will be very useful for your personal sustained development, deeper understanding and positive dealing with the massive changes humanity has ‘set into motion’…

On the road to transformation, your best investment is your ‘physical body’, which is actually a ‘hologram’ of Your Own Consciousness in ‘3D Reality’ ( according to new discoveries in Quantum Physics and the theory of Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot)…

“…The theory that reality, as we consciously experience it, is not real, goes back to the indigenous people who believed that we exist in a dream or illusion. In our current timeline, we refer to the matrix, grids, virtual reality, simulation and hologram. Today many physicists are researching the concept of the universe as a hologram….”

“…The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our hologram is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry. The hologram had a beginning and it has an end, as consciousness evolves in the alchemy of time. As the grids collapse, everything within the hologram will end, helping to understand what is going on in the world today.

In media we find films, television shows, books, and games, based on the concept of reality as a hologram. Among the more easily recognized are The Matrix (Illusion), The Thirteenth Floor (Simulation), Inception (Dream), the Holodeck (Grids) in the TV series Star Trek, Second Life an Internet game, and The Holographic Universe a 1991 book by Michael Talbot (see more by this link: http://www.crystalinks.com/holographic)….”

 So you have a couple of weeks to reflect and contemplate who you will resolve to be in this New Upcoming Cosmic Year))). If the clarity has not been there, it will be now. Remember energies are beginning to roll however; clarity now comes from your internal intuitive channels, from your true DOW (Divine One Within)…If you need answers: make the space and time to receive them, come

@Quantum Healing Therapy@

down your Spirit, re-unite with your OverSoul and Channel all necessary ideas for your perfect life-being and the Benefit of All… Trust Your InnerSelf, Trust the All-Intelligent Mother Universe, who cares for You, for Your Future, for Your Total Integration with the Divine One Within (DOW), who connects us with the quantum field of universal possibilities…

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