The Quantum Attunement 5 Re-Uniting with the Spirit of GAIA

Дата: 06.03.2017 15:22
Тема: Metaphysics

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The Quantum Attunement 5

Re-Uniting with the Spirit of GAIA

Dear Friend, the True Light-worker and Ambassador of Peace! If you have recognised, even on a subconscious level, that life around you is ‘bubbling‘, chances are that you are feeling the energetic shifts occurring at this current time.

Awaken Visions, Unit…

Awaken Visions, Uniting with the Spirit of Gaia

Energetically, we are swiftly moving into unchartered territory, promising huge positive benefits on the premise that we introspect ourselves on deeper levels and allow the healing of deep seated ‘brushed under the carpet‘ pain. Just as a candle can light up a room, the recent infiltrations of light filtering into our planet are causing our own ‘darkness‘ to come into ‘light‘. Chances are that the knock-on effects of this internal ‘stir‘ have been mirrored by your external environment, to show YOU to YOU. We are being lovingly pushed to become our true Divine selves by encouraging deep dives into our mental make up – to release all forms of conditioning and self sabotaging belief systems, so that we may become our GREATEST selves. This is a hugely transformative time, where personal consciousness can take a quantum leap toward PURE consciousness, bringing the gifts of clear vision, clarity, love, fulfilment of desire and connection to Spirit. As ‘each inch that the water rises, lifts all the boats afloat‘, our individual growth toward consciousness positively impacts the collective – ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, our pets and even our plants! Re-uniting with the Spirit of GAIA is the most blissful momentum in the human history as a civilisation in whole!

Fill up your well of Love and let it overflow to others!!!

It is time to place our greatest relationship, the one with ourselves, on the ‘pedestal’ as we shed any forms of unhealthy attachments which have their roots based in false, self made and/or imposed, personal definitions. As our vibration raises and we ascend, we are being encouraged to drop all of our heavy emotional ‘weight‘ so that we start to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher being – an unconditionally loving bird’s eye perspective if you like.

You may be able to feel layers, or even waves, of old thought forms arise affecting your inner balance. Trust that they are coming up to be ‘cleared’ and as they do so, we can use the opportunity to harness the powerful light energies that are acting as catalysts in our evolution towards unconditional love.

We can learn how to embody the ‘light’ by merely surrendering to it, trusting that it needs no assistance and that we are safe. We are being encouraged to have faith in the process. As we learn to ‘let go‘, our denser energies go through energetic alchemy and get transmuted into POWER. As such, these seemingly difficult emotions are useful allies in our growth. Think of this process of ‘letting go’ as an energetic shift, similar to that feeling of emotional release just before a bungee jump! Allow that feeling to seep through you throughout the ‘purification’ process. By allowing the denser, more restrictive energies, caused by historic pain, to surface and flow through you, you are giving yourself the space for loving, light energy to expand inside you instead. The subsequent ‘void‘ will always be ‘filled‘ if you let it. This can then lead to shifts in your attention which allows you to become the powerful manifestors you were born to be. Ask yourself the question: How long has your ‘shadow’ been stealing your focus and manifesting on your behalf? It is time to surrender our feelings of unworthiness, fear and self sabotage, moment by moment, and remember who we are. We are deeply loved and unbelievably powerful.

The Spirit of GAIA is happy to take us back into her Divine Arms of Pure Love and Blessings…independently from many unrespectful circumstances which human civilisation created on Earth, She still considers us as Her Own Children…Happy to re-unite with every living soul, incarnated today and become One in Spirit!

This is a Great Chance to return back ‘home’ into Natural Harmony for all of us. To be deeply initiated into her Sacred sites, cognize the Divine Wisdom Within, directly from Her Spirit and re-create our own environment in deep alliance and balance with all natural eco-systems… There is a ‘Great Example’ given us via ‘Avatar movie’ to understand the Spiritual principles which stand behind every living form. It is a ‘true revelation’ from ‘Above’ - from the Universal Consciousness, who predicted for us all our possible future, in case, if we do not start thinking in Unity with All Living Elements of Nature, with the Spirit of GAIA.

Time to rise up in Spirit, to make the right steps forward, to attune yourself on the Unity with the Cosmic Tree of Life…And the Blessings are already streaming towards us…))) As with any form of growth, the Yin and Yang aspects of our Own Nature need to come into harmony for spiritual evolution. The light must EMBRACE the dark and we must learn how to, fearlessly ‘take a look‘ at our inner shadow. This deepens our understanding of events and their role in our movement towards our reconnection with the Spirit of Earth. Can we alter our perspectives enough to see the broader, loving perspective for ‘green living’? Can we allow the breaking down of barriers around our hearts? Can we shift from feeling safe in fear to feeling safe in love? Can we see that the difficulties we face highlight and encourage higher states of being? Can we embrace and feel grateful for the nudges from the Universe, that guide us back to our true essence? It is time to change the way we ‘see’ and recognise the role of pain in our movement towards our deepest desires for balanced living. There are no mistakes, which can’t be corrected for the Benefit of All and All That Is…

Extracts from the New Release: "The Quantum Cosmic Affirmations. Inspirational Channeling of Light Vibrations"