The Infinite Odyssey of Exploring Consciousness, by Ana-Stasi Fennell, MA in Ed.

Дата: 06.07.2016 20:35
Тема: Cosmic Attunement

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The Infinite Odyssey of Exploring Consciousness,

by Ana-Stasi Fennell, MA in Ed.

The New Earth INVISION

The New Earth INVISION

There are only lessons to be learnt in life as we progress

forward in this infinite odyssey of exploring consciousness

in all it's colourful numerosity in all kinds of shapes, sizes,

dimensions and infinite other ways we may not have

words to describe yet ...

Beyond all the syntactical drama that drives our emotional

world, there is an unspoken language of unity that speaks

to us in simple yet profoundly silent ways ... it comes to us

as a message of awakening to the true nature of self which

in essence is one with the cosmos. We can choose any label

we wish to describe the form and the formlessness of

divinity we perceive as creation in all it's multi-manifested

forms ... there is unity in all .... all is one !

We are no longer restricted by the old paradigm of separation and are now emerging as multi-sensory light beings aware of the inherent oneness which we are ! We realise that we are the ones here who are stepping things up in the evolutionary process by being the change we wish to see in our world. We are the ones we can change and this powerful awakening is dawning on human consciousness here, now ! By no longer reacting to life's repeatable dramas in the old traditional ways we know so well, we respond to life's experiences with compassion and loving intent allowing the learning process to unfold as we journey ... everything starts to make more sense as we align ourselves with our soul's purpose to incarnate on the Earth plane now ! Understanding Ourselves as 'Alchemists of our own life', we start practicing with energy blending process, creating totally new combinations in 'colours', 'fragrances' and 'flavour'... The Alchemical Process of Transformation is all about Creating in Spirit from Within. So, every day of your New Life is a process of the new experience and discoveries in the Quantum Field of All Possibilities. Everything what we need on this Path, is TRUST to our own DOW ( The Divine One Within)...

The Source: http://www.lulu.com/shop/ana-stasi-fennell/the-divine-matrix-connection/ebook/product-22734515.html