Venus-URANUS in Aries. Liberate Yourself

Дата: 22.04.2016 18:27
Тема: Cosmic Astrology

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From Venus with Love

April 22nd UT 2016 at 21° Aries Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, will conjunct Uranus, the liberator. Although this is a fast moving aspect, it is a very interesting and important one, especially since Mars, Venus’ counterpart, is now retrograde and Venus is in his sign, Aries. This dynamic puts both into play and their fascinating polarity will yet again be a reality in our lives. So before we delve into the realm of Venus-Uranus, let’s take a brief look on the play between the masculine principle, Mars and the feminine principle, Venus.



Yin and Yang:

Venus and Mars are the yin and yang of the zodiac, representing the schism between female and male energy. Masculine energy embodies the driving force for the survival of the fittest and the urge for conquering. Venus embodies the need for cooperation and connecting found in our relationships. Mars separates, whereas Venus unites. Masculine energy expresses, feminine energy receives. The Martian instinct to go ahead and do shows up in our bodies as the adrenal glands and the sympathetic nervous system, and the body’s ability to “fight, or take flight”. Venus rules the kidneys and the parasympathetic nervous system, and shows in up in our body’s ability to “rest and digest”.

Mars utilizes energy and Venus restores balance after a goal is achieved.

It is thus a feminine quality to lay down and rest and let the body rejuvenate, allow the juices to regenerate. In society there is always a strong focus placed on the need to achieve, therefore we tend to overuse our Martian qualities, by always needing to do something. Adrenal burn-out shows up in our life as fatigue, depression and loss of motivation. Fatigue is now an known epidemic across the developed world, with mothers and fathers overworked, working full hours while maintaining family responsibilities , as individuals struggle hard to make it in an ever more competitive environment. We have been running around like mad to keep up and catch up with all our tasks for decades. On top of this, the increasing pressure to realize our potential makes the struggle even harder. The rush hour never stops.

All this naturally adds to a lot of pressure in our relationships. Today the ideal is that both chip in equally do do housework and paying their portion of the bills. as both parties are usually given the privilege of finding their true calling and realising their talents in the outer world. We want it all and we want it yesterday. Yet, there has never before been a greater need for us to learn the fine art of cooperation in order for our days to run more smoothly.


Uranus is the reformer. Rickard Tarnas associates Uranus to the archetype of Prometheus, he who stole fire from the Gods to give to mankind, and was then given a harsh life long sentence by the great god Zues. Fire, partly liberated mankind from the mercy of nature and stands as a universal and powerful symbol for progress, as our existence on earth accelerated when we understood how to create fire. He was in a sense the first atheist, wanting liberation and freedom, although it was a costly gift to give us being severely punished for his misdeed. The gift of fire by Promotheus showed mere mortals the path of advancement.

Astrologically we have come to understand Uranus as the driving force behind revolution inner and outer and big sociological changes. The concept of liberty, equality and fraternity came out of the Uranian mind. So anything associated to growth and human rights comes under its rulership, and amongst that, feminism.

Women liberators:

Two of the most influential suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst (15th July 1858) and Emily Wilding Davison (11th Oct 1872) were both born with Venus square Uranus in their natal chart, a powerful symbol of one who fights for equality. This year the movie “The Suffragettes” hit the mark, and interestingly these two were portrayed by the actresses Meryl Streep (Pankhurst) and Natalie Press (Davidson), who also both are born with Sun-Uranus aspects. Pankhurst married a lawyer who understood her fight, which would subsequently be termed a progressive marriage, just like the kind of union anyone born with Venus-Uranus would want. Opportunity and equality above all. Emily Davison never married, also an option for a woman or a man with a strong Venus-Uranus aspect. Anything but suppression.

Freedom, growth, stimulation and friendship are the keywords for Venus-Uranus. Venus was born out of the castrated testicles of Ouranus, the Sky Father, embodying high ideals, love and justice. I deem Venus holds the capacity for humans to be the good, to be true, beautiful, with high virtues for humankind, necessary for us to ponder in order to for us to achieve the harmony that Venus represents. In order for us to get there, we cannot live with disrespect, not towards women, nor men. Equality is not about needing to be the same, but in being allowed to be different, being able to have the freedom to choose for oneself the values that reflect you, true equal rights. Being lesbian or gay is also part of the Venus-Uranus, dynamic, for we choose love on the basis of emotional and mental connection and not out of routine or expected tradition, two principals that do not sit well with Uranus anyway. Venus and Uranus aspects will disrupt marriages and long term relationships if boredom has settled in, or they will fire up the search within for the need of finding ones own true values as well as challenge all of our established habits.


In order to understand the deeper sociological context, we can also take a brief look at the Pluto-Uranus combination, an aspect still activated today. Whenever these two make contact, any fight for any right will be fired up, as we could see so graphically in the 60’s when these two started a new synodic cycle at 16° Virgo in 1965 and the world as we knew it was turned up-side-down. The rise of Feminism boosted and changed the surface of family life forever. The roles played by mass and females were suddenly not so clearly defined and families more easily broke apart. Nothing sours a relationship more than a heap of dirty laundry that both expect the other to take care of. Since then we have seen an increase in divorce and untraditional families pop up everywhere, posing both a challenge to society, but also implying that we now have more freedom to define ourselves.

Many conservative souls tend to think that there is something wrong with this kind of evolution, but according to natural law, we first stay with the group consensus, to later break free as we learn more, to eventually move back again into a sense of unity, and normality without being blind or naïve about it, breaking taboos all the while. Evolution cannot be denied nor stopped.

In evolutionary astrology we call these stages of consensus, individuated and spiritual stages of consciousness. Right now earth is seeing more people individualize and turn into more authentic and self-sustained humans; materially, spiritually and emotionally.

Between 2012-2015 Pluto and Uranus’ evolutionary forces made their strongest aspect since the 60’s, as the 90°square, once again an pushing that evolutionary force to further define push human values to yet another height. Gay marriages was legalized in many places in the USA and the focus on trans-genderism has never been greater. At the same time, bearded men and Viking movies showed up en masse, mirroring a need for men to embrace their natural masculinity, while women fought for the right to be women, curves and all with an added fight to have the right breast feed in public. The Pluto-Uranus revolution as expected, took an unexpected turn, with men standing up for being fed up for having to be so soft all the time, and women pushing for a simpler life reclaiming their right to be soft and feminine again. A cross gender stand to stand in our own power.

It seems that never before has the pressure on the individual been so tough, to have the perfect career, the perfect home, the perfect marriage and the perfect family. It’s what we all aim for, yet somehow you’d have to be Superwoman or Superman in order to manage this.

Exhaustion and fatigue are therefore natural consequences of a society that mirrors the incredible ambition of the individual, while at the same time, fails to create an atmosphere where setting healthy boundaries is possible. With Venus and Uranus now joining hands, you will perhaps be inspired to break with the projections and expectations of others to follow Venus’ quest for adding more harmony and balance into your routine.

Use this time as the Lady Venus trots through the last phase of Aries and dances a little quick-step with Uranus on the 22-23 of April to sift through the expectations you put on yourself and how you stand up for yourself if you want to go against the grain of familial , cultural and societal expectations. Venus now in Aries, with ruler Mars now retrograde, demands authenticity, honesty and action, so be true to yourself and have the courage to create the life you want, with the partner you need and the values that work for you. If that includes a drastic change, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

We can’t all be the same, even though sameness often provides security, but with Venus and Uranus activated there comes a great need to push out of the stagnation of repetition and challenge ourselves to live fully. Venus-Uranus together demand excitement and stimulation. If you happen to find yourself bored to death by life and the routines you set yourself or the traditions that you abide by, you may really need to consider breaking them, or at least some of them. Try it for a day, have a fiesta of self-exploration and freedom. Set yourself free, for no one else can do it for you.