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03.08.2019Healthy Video Meals

Smoothie verte 8: The vert zen enchante FR

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20.07.2019Deep Night Meditation

チベタン シンギングボウル 共鳴 ~全7chakra開放~ 究極のヒーリングサウンド 川の音 自然音 睡眠用 瞑想用 疲労回復

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20.07.2019Guided Meditation

Méditation sur l"Instant Présent

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12.06.2019Deep Healing Delta Waves

Manifesting Your Golden Reality l Subliminal Sleep Programming for Powerful Thought Transformation

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16.04.2019Harmonization Program

432 Hz - Ambient Angelic Music ➤ Manifesting Harmony, Peace & Happiness | Deep Theta Binaural Beat

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06.04.2019Deep Healing Delta Waves

METAMORPHOSIS "Rhythm of the Universe" [ Altar Records ]

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30.03.2019Beauty Style Tutorial

Manon"s domain, exclusive producer for Dior

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Remove All Negative Blockages : Erase Subconscious Negative Patterns - Release Unwanted Thoughts

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27.03.2019Guided Meditation

Méditation du matin : sérénité et douceur Cédric Michel

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10.08.2019 20:16Spiritual Science
Universal Alchemical Formulas

THE SECRET DOCTRINE: THE INNER CAUSES OF GRAVITY (Cosmic Principles of Fohat) While Modern Science is content to look at gravity from the outside according to its visible and physically measurable effects, Occult Science understands the nature of the forces of nature - gravity, light, heat, electricity, and others - from the inside. These causes are ... More...

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25.07.2019 20:00Healing Arts
Bio-Photonic Illumination

The Human Body Emits and Communicates with Biophotons- Biophotons are very weak electromagnetic waves of light. All living cells of plants, animals, human and in other natural elements beings emit biophotons, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be measured by special tools. They form the so-called aura, a bioenergy field that encircles all living organisms, ... More...

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06.07.2019 17:34Spirit Pathways

For years science has recognized that we have two active physical strands of DNA. We also have a further ten energetic DNA strands which have been dormant within the Human Being for many centuries. These dormant strands of DNA have been discovered by scientists, who not knowing the function of these strands, have identified them as ‘junk’ DNA. More...

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22.06.2019 09:28Metaphysics

Modern Science has made remarkable strides and contributions towards the understanding of the physical departments of nature. With every advancing discovery in physics, astronomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry, there is not only a paradigm shift in theory, but a profound change in the scientific view of reality. Modern Science is necessarily metaphysical as an effect, if not by intent. More...

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06.06.2019 11:18Metaphysics

"Twin SOULS' - is a 'symbolic name' for Spiritual Unions on Metaphysical Levels. 'Twin SOULS' have many polarities and can participate not just in One 'Alliance'. All depends on their Individual Missions! It is about a Deep Inner Re-Union, Strong Connection, Spiritual WISDOM, Cosmic DNA and Universal 'DATA' Exchange, on the level of healing luminous ... More...

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23.05.2019 03:11Cosmic Attunement
Pleiadian Agenda

Within your spirit, the deepest part of yourself, a core identity exists that you must learn to access. The territory may appear to be a dark night of the soul where you will have to really examine this lifetime and the full retinue of your emotions. Perhaps other lifetimes will be included as well.As the lines of time open and you claim your psychic inheritance, ... More...

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13.05.2019 14:51Cosmic Astrology
Solar Energy Vortex

Solar Storm Now very Active. It takes a few days for the Coronal Mass Ejection (up to 10 billion tonnes of plasma) that is released with a Solar Flare to reach Earth, as it is so dense and heavy, which is why it has taken until today for the "active" Geomagnetic Storm status to be reached.However, the energy from a Solar Flare, which is bright and light and slightly different, ... More...

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09.05.2019 01:07InSPirational

Our Beautiful Multi-Dimensional Universe having its own 'rehabilitation' period nowadays: transiting from very 'densificated' low 'democrative energies' into a new Level of Her Supra-Natural Ascension - Prosperous New Earth Hologram ( 5D+ and Beyond)...All Eco-Systems are coming through the process of deep cleansing and self-rejuvenation, recalibrating ... More...

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08.05.2019 23:42Cosmic Attunement
StarGate of Ascension

Zep Tepi is the ancient Egyptian creating myth tradition of Alchemy dating back to pre-dynastic time. Students of alchemical principles in the ancient Mystery Schools were introduced to the secret wisdom and became masters of Zep Tepi– the hidden mysteries of Creation (genesis). Zep means ‘time’ and Tepi means ‘first’. In esoteric Egyptology, Zep Tepi was known as the ˜First Time’, ... More...

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17.04.2019 12:28InSPirational

You are being asked to honour the legacy of light that is your sacred birthright. Take nourishment and support from those that have come before you - your ancestral lines not only in blood but also in spirit. Perhaps these are the beings that have inspired and motivated you to live as a sacred rebel, from your heart and with belief in yourself. The ... More...

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16.04.2019 14:21Metaphysics
Nebula RóSe

NEW 5D-12D HUMAN Beauty Style Cosmic BLUEPRINT Through the process of clearing, activating and upgrading the entire auric field, the Divine Human Blueprint is restored. The Divine Human Blueprint sustains our own personal holographic matrix. All bodies and levels of consciousness are held within this template. As we gradually restore this template to ... More...

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07.04.2019 19:42Cosmic Attunement

New Ascension Plan directly connected with New light programming codes in our brain-settings. From the Original times, light 'Star-Beings' were visiting our Planet, during special period of time, especially for this Cosmic Mission. Being trained in multiple Stella realities, they quite easy can attune on the waves and frequencies of their home life dimensions. ... More...

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28.03.2019 12:00Cosmic Attunement

Life is a game we play with ourselves, and as spiritual light beings we have chosen to come to Earth so that we may play this game the purpose of which is to further our evolution.The idea of the game is to shine the light of our true identity, which is hidden from us initially by the cloak of a physical body...

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19.03.2019 18:13Humanity Healing Community

As we move closer to the Equinox Gateway on March 20th, there has been observable intensity in the planetary field. Due to the incoming plasma solar waves, the Earth’s frequency is speeding up. The measurement of the Schumann frequency has been increasing since 2012, some days into 12-16.5 Hz range or higher. When we absorb these photonic Light frequencies ... More...

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16.02.2019 19:39Cosmic Astrology
Spirit of Maat, by D…

If you happen to live in some morally decaying civilization where money is more important than honesty and negative thinking seems to prevail, any minute is the right time to stop and think.Remember that through the apparent multiplication of obstacles the Law of Karma is but inviting you to become stronger than before in your own good will and More...

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