19.08.2016Guided Meditation

Gratitude Meditation for Thanksgiving with Davidji ~ Monday Meditations


01.07.2016Guided Meditation

Numerology Meditation | Michelle Buchanan | Monday Meditations


17.01.2016Healing Guided Meditation

Calming Inner Self Free Guided Mediation with Joan Borysenko ~ Monday Meditations


06.01.2016New Book Presentation

Your Quantum Breakthrough Code


02.01.2016Healing Guided Meditation

Karma Releasing Guided Meditation with Doreen Virtue ~ Monday Meditation


12.10.2015Holistic Education

Overcome the fears that keep you from being assertive, with Doreen Virtue


30.09.2015Healing Meditation

Free Guided Meditation: Water is Life by davidji ~ Monday meditations


01.09.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Free Guided 12 minute Thought Stream Meditation with Dr. Mike Dow ~ Monday Meditations


21.08.2015New Book Presentation

How to Break Free of Negativity and Drama-Addicted Friends with Doreen Virtue


03.08.2015Harmonization Program

3 Steps to Dream Your Health and Relationships into Being with Dr. Alberto Villoldo



16 Second Technique to Master Your Emotions with davidji


01.08.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Gentle Release Guided Meditation by Sonia Choquette ~ Hay House Monday Meditations


09.06.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Sweet Surrender Guided Meditation with Marianne Williamson


11.05.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Ocean Flow Meditation for Healing with Joan Borysenko


30.03.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Finding the Knowingness In Your Heart with Barbara De Angelis ~ Monday Meditations


27.03.2015Holistic Education

Don't Eat Like A Rabbit - The Plant Plus Diet Details from Joan Borysenko


18.03.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Spiritual, physical and emotional self-healing meditation; James Van Praagh, Monday Meditation


08.03.2015Healthy Nutrition

3 Easy Tips for Daily Healthy Eating with The Plant Plus Diet Solution


05.03.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Golden Light Guided Meditation with James Van Praagh


03.03.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Meditation for a Light Filled Body by Marianne Williamson


12.02.2015Healing Guided Meditation

Your Healing Light Meditation with Louise Hay - Monday Meditations


06.02.2015Healing Activation Program

Goddesses Never Age Secrets from Dr. Northrup


19.11.2014Healing Programs

You are the Master of Your Psychic Abilities


19.11.2014Healthy Lifestyle

A No-Starch "Just Like Mashed Potatoes" Alternative


13.11.2014Healing Guided Meditation

Gratitude. Trust. Love. Peace. - Monday Meditation


13.11.2014Healing Guided Meditation

Loving kindness meditation for peace and happiness - Monday Meditations


13.11.2014New Book Presentation

Get Interested In Your Kitchen and Lose Weight


06.11.2014New Book Presentation

Your Quantum Breakthrough Code


20.10.2014Healing Arts

The Sacred Temple of Guidance and Intention Setting


14.10.2014Guided Meditation

Deep Breathing Calm Meditation with Denise Linn - Monday Meditation


11.10.2014Mystic Arts

Elemental Space Clearing with Denise Linn



Louise Hay Shares HealYourLife.com – Take Your Soul on Vacation


02.10.2014Guided Meditation

Reconnect with your divine source with Sonia Choquette - Monday Meditation


29.07.2014Mystic Arts

Choosing How To Use Your Energy and Focus Day-to-Day; Kris Carr, Present Moments


29.07.2014Mystic Arts

The Perfect Reference Book for Angel Tarot Card Readers by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine


14.07.2014Educational Programs

Louise Hay: You are what you think


05.07.2014Educational Programs

Quantum Life Certification Program with Sandra Anne Taylor



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