CONQUER ANY CHALLENGE: Fearless Courage & Powerful Mindset ➤ I AM Affirmations | Theta BinauralBeat

Дата: 06.03.2017
Тема: Guided Meditation

написал: Guest

Опубликовано PowerThoughts Meditation Club на YouTube 11.12.2016

A NEW version of the I AM affirmation series! Intended to activate a sense of unstoppable & fearless Courage, Inner POWER and massive Strength to CONQUER ANY CHALLENGE that you may be facing - by connecting to your Soul / Higher Self / Universal Intelligence. We live in intense times and it is now more important than ever to take care of your energy. Activate a sense of purpose and inner guidance through thick and thin. Life is life. We face stuff. Find that DIVINE POWER within you and prevail as the MASTER CREATOR you are! I hope this video serves as a valuable companion on your journey. Take care dear Soul.

Mixed with Theta waves ( 4,5 HZ binaural beats), solfeggio 852hz and 963hz, OM mantra and powerful drums. The music is in 432Hz tuning.

OM mantra by Kenneth Soares. Drums by Kevin Macleod.

" I am always looking for innovative and inspiring ways to serve my affirmations. I have a need to create something that stands out - and this pushes me to think outside the box. I have this need met in this video, when I mix my affirmations & statements with indigenous drumbeats, mantras and spectacular visuals - that really resonates with my Heart and Soul. That energy right there is infused in this creation. Which makes it really powerful. In my world everything we create have an energy signature - and my intention to contribute massively to make our world a better place by spreading Love for the Higher Good of All - that makes this special - and I know that this will reach out to all who needs it - in perfect timing.

From my Heart to Yours,
Kenneth Soares