Zen Masters – Kodo Sawaki

Дата: 04.03.2017
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– When somebody asks me what zazen is good for, I say that zazen isn’t good for anything at all. And then some say that in that case, they’d rather stop doing zazen. But what’s running around satisfying your desires good for? What is gambling good for? And dancing? What is it good for to get worked up over winning or losing in baseball? It’s all good for absolutely nothing! That’s why nothing is as sensible as sitting silently in zazen. In the world, 'good for nothing' just means that you can’t make money out of it.

(Kodo Sawaki)

Kodo Sawaki born on 16th July (1880) was a great Japanese master of Sōtō Zen in the 20th century. His mother died when he was four, his father three years later. Sawaki was raised by a gambler. He was 16 when he ran away from home and became a monk at Eihei-ji, and then at Soshin-ji, where he was ordained. After the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 Sawaki studied in such a places like Soshin-ji, Takada and Hōryū-ji.
He later became a Zen teacher and was called "Homeless Kodo" because he was traveling regularly to teach Zen having no home temple. His teachings were unconventional though understandable for people from West and those who have never tried meditation before.
He was an admirer of the practice of shikantaza - "just sitting" since he considered it to be the most effective and useful.
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