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Free Spirit Crystal Healing Therapy Music - Cleansing Gemstone, Chakra Balancing, Reiki Healing HD

Harmonization Program
 Turquoise, Onyx, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Jade, Crystal Therapy, Crystal Healing, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Quartz, Cakra Balancing

Опубликовано на YouTube 23.02.2017

Crystals and gemstones may be very useful during various healing therapies such as Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapies. You can also wear them as a personal charm and aid numerous afflictions such as headaches, gastrointestinal problems, dental problems, insomnia, social anxiety, addiction, etc. When first working with a crystal, it's a very good idea to start with puryfing it because they may also do harm when they are not stored properly or they were touched by the wrong people in the past (e.g. miner, salesman, jewlerer). The same applies to the stones you have been using for some time because you could have used them when you were in a bad frame of mind so they could receive bad energy out of you. This is why it is so important to clean, clear and charge them with high care and frequency.
Set our music on while working with Crystals to resonate throughout and fuel them with positive energy. Divine sounds of nature and instruments like Crystal Singing Bowls will lift the vibration of your precious stones.


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- MEDITATION - While advanced meditation practitioners (aka monks) are able to reach the state of Zen anytime and anywhere it is not such a piece of cake for most hardworking parents, diligent students and ambitious employees. Using music as a tool for easier focus and faster relaxation is a shortcut then. Moreover, the number of types of meditation practices is probably equal to the number of meditation practitioners themselves. Our meditation music videos can aid your spiritual ascent, and mindfulness.

-Meditation for Beginners playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGYwhuMGwU0&list=PLd0GUyLyIEnym_319ogSeCF5n3PqEGgee&index=1

- RELAXATION - Recent research shows that the sound of falling rain reduces stress levels by over 60%. Hence our relaxing videos usually feature nature sounds and more often than not, water sounds: be it rain, river, waterfall or ocean waves. If you close your eyes and let the music guide you, you may travel to foreign exotic places and favorite vacation spots. It is also possible that you will discover a melody holding likeness to what you heard in a spa resort, during a massage - it opens a possibility of enjoying a full spa experience while resting peacefully in the comfort of your own four walls.

-Coffee Break - Coffee Nap - Coffee for Ever playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya6ennZVME0&index=1&list=PLd0GUyLyIEnzLoPG5nZ-piVrrgb7fdI-W

- YOGA PRACTICE- Yoga is not just exercise, Yoga is a way of life - this is the message we try to convey through our Yoga dedicated videos. Subtle music meant to be your companion, to steady your breathing and maintain the desired pattern of movement. The amazing motion pictures can serve as an inspiration for the next practice or you can admire them for their beauty alone.

-Personal Yoga Classes playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci-fp_nuBYY&list=PLd0GUyLyIEnxq7sPYx1E1Uqj53kRr1XCL

- STUDY SESSION - Focus improving music, of the correct frequencies (alpha waves) for your brain to reach "The Zone" - state of light trance, relaxed focus. Your brain recognizes those and without your conscious effort, the knowledge will be absorbed faster or more efficiently. Additionally, what you learn will be easier to utilize. What is more, instrumental, gentle sounds put your mind at easy and make it effortless to concentrate your attention on one specific thing.

-Study Music Playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iRQ7eTAXWM&list=PLd0GUyLyIEnwuiqef5K4OAxoG_VXwDygB

- AND MORE - Subscribing to our channel will keep you up-to-date on our new developments, as we are also growing not only in the number of the videos but also in the ideas we wish to share and experience we gather along the way.

Balance and Stability: 50 Relaxing Perfect Harmony Zen Music for Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga, by Close to Nature Music Ensemble
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/balance-stability-50-relaxing/id1106920532

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