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Tea Culture: How to Make Matcha, a Japanese Tea Ceremony #TeaStories | TEALEAVES

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Опубликовано TEALEAVES на YouTube 23.07.2015

Learn how to make matcha green tea through a traditional Chado Japanese Tea Ceremony. Making the perfect cup of tea for the Japanese is an integral aspect of their culture, and this ritual is no exception. Join us as we appreciate the tradition, and thank you for watching.

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To create your perfect bowl of matcha, read 'Chado [A Daily Ritual]': bit.ly/1MeS6cG

One of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Discovered over 900 years ago, Matcha gives the drinker a long-lasting boost of energy, expanded awareness, and maximum antioxidants without the unwanted side effects typical to coffee or a sugar high.

Chado Utensil Terminology:
Chawan - Matcha Bowl
Chasen - Matcha Whisk
Chashaku - Matcha Scoop

Where to buy:
Tencha Matcha High Energy: bit.ly/1FyZqRR

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About us: Known as the luxury tea blender to Michelin Chefs and five-star hotels worldwide, Tealeaves brings you not only an exquisite cup, but a way of living, beautifully. Order online for quality tea to your doorstep.

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