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Relaxing Music for Deep Sleep, Calming Meditation Music with Nature Sounds

Deep Healing Delta Waves
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Опубликовано на YouTube 10.05.2016

Beautiful music on the video comes from albums:
"Night of Silence - Good Night's Sleep" - Silent Night Music Academy
You can download the album here:

1) Night of Silence - Good Night's Sleep, Dreaming All Night Long, Background Music for Trouble Sleeping, Soothing Sounds for Relaxation and Inner Peace, Lounge Music - Silent Night Music Academy

"Peaceful Music to Cure Insomnia" - Beautiful Deep Sleep Music Universe
You can download the album here:

2) Peaceful Music for Cure Insomnia - Background Music for Inner Peace, Well Being, Deep Meditation, Calming Music, Insomnia Help Sleeping Music, Dealing with Stress - Beautiful Deep Sleep Music Universe

3)"Deep Sleep Therapy - Ambient Music for Restful Sleep" - Sleep Meditation Dream Catcher
You can download the album here: 111 Exceptional Sounds of Bliss: Hypnotic Ambient Music Therapy, Serenity, Healing Oasis of Zen Meditation, Restful Sleep, Tranquility Spa - Deep Massage Tribe

Music serves an important purpose - it influences our mind and body whether we are conscious of the fact or not. Utilizing our knowledge of the way music works we prepare those mood and health improving videos. Instrumental arrangements featuring nature sounds, oriental instruments, foreign melodies and ambient notes as well as familiarly sounding spa background music with the addition of beautifully designed videos will work wonders on the listener. Find inner peace, remain calm throughout the day's hardships and sleep soundly every night - this is our goal.


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